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Nature Observation Essay

Nature Observation Essay

Written By: Samuel Jenkins

Grade: 6th Grade

Teacher: Presbytera Maria Koulianos

Class: SRS Liberal Arts Level 4


Today is October 19th of 2018. I looked outside and noticed how much has changed through the year and even how much it has changed through just one month. A few days ago I went outside to look at the leaves and I decided to make a leaf pile in my yard. It was so fun to jump around in and I was so happy fall was here at last.


I was going outside a few days ago and I decided to go into my neighbors woods, I got maybe two hundred feet when something caught the tip of my eye, I looked around and there were two northern flickers on the ground jumping around each other. I crawled under some bushes to look at them. Birds have so much beauty and peace. I love watching their behavior and then drawing them. I caught as much a picture in my head as I could of the flickers so that I could draw it when I got home. I never did draw them because on the way back home I saw so many cool things that they made me forget about the flickers. I saw beautiful leaves, I saw deer, and I also saw a Blue jay. The other thing I like to do is look at squirrels. They are adorable little creatures and are so funny too. They are so fun to draw  especially when they are chewing a nut. Animals are so beautiful, and the way God designed all of us and all the animals plants and so on is incredible. I don’t know if I would be able to live without seeing so many cute and strong animals is my life.


When we go into nature we see many of God’s creations, and of course they are all beautiful. I love the colors of leaves and the beauty of animals and learning about them. Sadly, in Fall I don’t see as many animals as I do in Spring or Summer. Animals are so fun to look at and just watch from a distance. I love Fall for so many reasons, the leaves are different colors, the animals change their fur, and the squirrels and chipmunks gather nuts and store them in their little tunnels or inside trees. Nature is so beautiful and God is amazing to have made it all.

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