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October Nature Observation, No. 2

October Nature Observation, No. 2

Written By: Stefanie Milak

Teacher: Presbytera Maria Koulianos

Class: SRS Liberal Arts Level 4


There are a lot of indications that fall has come. First, the weather, second, the trees, third, the birds, and finally, the grass. The first thing I noticed was that the weather is changing. Suddenly, we had to wear sweatshirts, then we had to pull out our coats! Soon, it’s going to be snowing!


The second thing I noticed were the trees. First, a few of the leaves had fallen off, but now a handful of the trees are completely naked! But the ones that aren’t are SO beautiful! They are so colorful that it looks like the trees are on fire!

The third thing I noticed were the birds. They used to be flying all over the place, laying eggs, finding worms, and building nests. But now, I can’t find them anywhere, it really seems like they all flew south.


The fourth, and final thing I noticed was the grass. My Dad, brother, and I noticed this when we didn’t have to cut the grass anymore. That implies that the grass isn’t growing anymore.


Next month, I look forward to maybe snow, big piles of leaves to jump in, and lots of hot chocolate!


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