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Our Young Folks’ Josephus: A Culminating Activity

Our Young Folks’ Josephus: A Culminating Activity

Written By: Mary Kjendal

Grade: 5th Grade

Teacher: Presbytera Maria

Class: Liberal Arts Level 4.2

Issue: Set to Appear in the January Issue of the Newsletter



What My Scene Was:

My photo scene is showing Pharaoh’s daughter, Thermuthis, finding baby Moses in the river. Miriam is hiding in the reeds, waiting for the chance to suggest their mother as Moes’ nurse. I chose this scene because I thought it would be so much fun to find a way to create this scene.


How I Created This Scene:

The first thing I did for this scene was to dress myself and my two younger sisters as Thermuthis (me), Miriam (Cecelia), and Moses (Emmelia). I dressed Emmelia in  a tank top, Cecilia in a short-sleeved dress tied with a scarf, and myself in a dress with a scarf on my head. Our prop was a basket discarded on the sand, which would have previously held Moses. The last step was to drive to Scorton Creek and take the black-and-white photo. My mom took the photo of ‘Miriam’ hiding in the reeds and ‘ Thermuthis’ holding ‘Moses’.

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