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Seeking the Sun

Seeking the Sun

Written By: Molly Jenkins

Issue: Set to Appear in the Special Christmas Edition of the Newsletter


“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” (C.S. Lewis).

As the Christmas lights turn on, the rosy cheeks smile, and the trees welcome winter with their fresh smell, my eyes grow bigger with the scenic beach sunrise. What a classic picture, I think to myself. But why is it that some of the most beautiful things are forgotten until they’re right in front of our faces? One’s prayer life, for example; we know we must pray to have a pure life but yet we continuously forget to open our little red prayer books or sit in silence on the shore. From living in Pennsylvania for the majority of my life, I find that a good amount of Northerners vacation on the beaches of Southern Florida, especially in the winter time–myself being one of them! We seek a drastic change from the bitter winters up North. I think we often do this in our spiritual lives. We grow icicles from the coldness inside our hearts so we run towards the warmth of the sun, hoping the drastic change in temperature will melt our icy hearts. The darkness discourages us, so we embrace the early morning light of the shimmering sunrise with relief–and what a relief it is!

But as the seasons change, coldness enters into our hearts. We leave the sunshine and return to our familiar sins. Oftentimes what we find most comfortable is what is most familiar to us. This is why it is so important to keep our hearts warm even when the weather around us is cold. We must work to keep the limbs of our bodies warm and alive, with blood running freely through our veins. In the Thanksgiving prayers after Communion, we say, “pass through me for the integration of my members, into all my joints, my affections, and my heart.” When we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, we receive Christ into our members, allowing ourselves to be a warming and welcoming Body to our Beloved Head. But how can we be warm and welcoming if our hearts are cold? It is not possible. Thus, we must keep our sand clean so that the sunrise reflects beautifully on us. We must also prepare a blanket on the sand to warmly welcome the Christ child who so lovingly melts our cold hearts. When He gently steps onto His footstool, we must wrap Him in love, welcoming Him with a blanket of joy and gladness.

Let us not be burdened down by the heavy ornaments on our trees, but let us lift our hearts to the warmth of the rising sun and the joy of the Christmas star! Let us not overly involve ourselves with the weight of the ornaments on our trees, but rather, let us seek the sun!

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Christ is Born! ~Molly


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