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The King Who Repented

The King Who Repented

Written By: Linnaea Radley

Grade: 8th Grade

Teacher: Fr. Noah Bushelli

Class: Catechism Vl

Issue: Set to Appear in the February Issue of the Newsletter


Psalm 11 (12) ‘Save me O Lord, for the holy man has
The truthful are diminished from
among the sons of men.
Each one speaks useless things to his
Deceptive lips speak with a double
May the Lord destroy all deceptive
And the tongue that speaks boastful
Saying, “We will make our tongue
Our lips are our own;
Who is lord over us?”
“Because of the suffering of the needy,
And because of the groaning of the
Now I will arise,” says the Lord;
“I will establish them in salvation;
I will declare it boldly.”
The words of the Lord are pure words,
Like silver fired in a furnace of the earth,
Purified seven times.
You shall guard us, O Lord;
You shall preserve us from this
generation forever.
The ungodly walk in a circle;
In Your exaltation, You highly exalted
the sons of men.


Once there was a king in a far-off land named William. He was the richest, handsomest, most well known ruler anywhere. He himself thought that he was the most popular person in his land because he heard people call him ‘The greatest ruler.’ But behind his back, people called him, “The most selfish, glutinous and prideful ruler anywhere!” The king’s life of selfishness, gluttony and pride was needed to be repented of.



King William was selfish. He stole things that he wanted from his neighbors and family. He declared awful taxes on the poor. He never paid solders; he just ‘hired’ men to wear costumes and act. He outfitted his palace for his own sake, not for anyone else; he had 21 bathrooms that only he could use! Everyone else had to use the rat-infested, dark and smelly outhouse.


King William was gluttonous. He ordered every peasant to plant fifty crops, forty-nine and a half of which he took. He ordered fifty cooks to make every one of his seven lavish meals with at least five large dishes each! The only thing the cooks got to eat were the leftovers that Will dumped on the floor for the dogs.


King William was prideful. He sent anyone who complained of him to jail. He even put his brothers in prison when he heard them say, “How can we help our brother out of this pit which he has buried himself in?” The peasants in the market place even had to watch their expression when Will came by; whoever gave the king a dirty look was put in chains.

The story begins in King William the XIV’s throne room. He reminded a servant to collect the taxes from the poor. She came back with only one penny. William was enraged because now he only had one penny (He spent all his money on a huge museum, stable, garden, and pool, all of which were huge and would never be used). He then said in a fake sweet voice, “Maybe they didn’t want to give all of their money away. Go, try, AGAIN!” and with that, he sent the servant away the fake soldiers.

When the little group reached the poor village, it was already dark. When the two actors heard coyotes, they ran off to the palace as fast as their legs could carry them. The servant, however, shook her way to the center of the village, where a group of people were huddled. When she reached the group, she couldn’t speak with fright and held out her hand. They knew what she was after, (the imaginary source of wealth) and instead handed her a letter.

When the servant came back with just a letter, Will had to shout into a pillow. He then calmly asked her to read the letter to him (for he never learned to read). The servant began, “Dear King William XIV. You have robbed us of everything we have to make your palace and your gut more noticeable. We are starved and homeless, thirsty and naked. We ask for your help! Signed the People of the village.” The King, who had been interrupting all this time, now sat silent.

Thoughts were whirring around inside Will’s head. He had never realized that he was starving or de-homing his people. In reality, he always thought of everything as something that was to serve him. But something had just clicked in his sick mind and he looked close to tears! The servant, seeing the tears trickling down the king’s face, asked if she could get him anything. The king then ordered her to gather all the poor and bring them to the palace.

When she had left, Will started fixing everything up. He hired real soldiers, kept five cooks, lowered taxes considerably, sold his one million acres of land that he never used, let the peasants decide how many crops to plant and sent to him, and gave all of the jobless people who needed work jobs around town. When the servant came back leading over two hundred poor people and peasants, the king greeted each subject kindly, gave them a meal, bath and clothes.

When all was done, the king realized that he had let his twenty-one bathrooms be used, and that all of his one-hundred forty-two bedrooms were in use! That night he slept on the couch. In a dream, he remembered hearing that God had said, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first,” and “You shall serve those who serve you.” He smiled in his sleep for he knew that he had repented of his sins by following these words.


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