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A Character Sketch of Bilbo Baggins

A Character Sketch of Bilbo Baggins

Written By: Victoria Faulkner

Grade: 10th Grade

Teacher: Mr. Adam Lockridge

Class: Medieval Literature, Level Vll


There was once a hobbit,
A wee man whose surname was not Took or Bobbit,
Reserved and timid was he, preferring his home
to paths of struggle or stone
Till yon one evening, dragged out of comfort was he
To go and join a group in their mis-ery.
This group, led by a wizard,
A guide whose group trekked through many a forest and blizzard
Till they came to see
A dragon, great and mighty was he
Guarding not only jewels, but a mem-ory;
Though his presence meant the group had to change trajectory.
The wee man was found to be vital;
The burglar was now his title.

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