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A Few Verses on Socrates

A Few Verses on Socrates

Written By: Kathleen McElroy

Grade: 11th Grade

Teacher: Mr. Adam Lockridge

Class: Medieval Literature, Level Vll

Issue: Set to Appear in the March Issue of the Newsletter


In the middle there strode a man
His cloak thrown back, his skin light tanned.
His dress was odd, his carriage proud,
But he noticed not the noisy crowd.
Walking along he scanned the land.
He seemed to be deep in thought
Concerned if everything was as it ought:
Or, for that matter, what ought things be?
At least t’was professed he knew not, honestly.
He did not give many answers
To the quiet or loud clamors
Be they Parson or Wife from Bath.
He seldom drank yet often laughed.
For mainly this fellow preferred
To question ev’ry living creature
Capable of speech or censure
He asked the shipman’s bird
From whom and how she had learned
(this is true, upon my word!)
Some three phrases, perfectly to speak
Only those same phrases left her beak.
Eventually he admitted defeat
And came up alongside me
I learned that his name was Socrates.
He possessed a love for knowledge,
Although lacking clerk’s college,
His study came from asking all
What they thought was highest of all.
He’d debate anyone, any time
Be they a king or herding swine.
He’d string you with his questions
And as finale, he’d mention
Your cause’s flaw, and you’d groan.
Small wonder that he came alone.
But enough of this strange scholar
Without any cap or collar.
Although our band was plenty varied
There weren’t many droller.

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