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Anne-With-An-E Character Sketch

Anne-With-An-E Character Sketch

Written By: Sarah Spivey

Grade: 12th Grade

Teacher: Mr. Adam Lockridge

Issue: Set to Appear in the March Issue of the Newsletter

A little orphan girl, alone,
Struggling to live without a home,
A mistake, mischance, brings her to
A house where life she could not rue.
At Green Gables the Cuthberts found
A chance they wished not to turn ‘round,
For the orphan with red, red hair
Had swept into their hearts unaware.
Cordelia—no, Anne was she,
But not just Anne, Anne with an E;
For Anne had dreams quite tall and grand,
And E supports what Ann can’t stand.
Well, young girl as she was, she set
The world of Avonlea to fret
Over troubles such dreams must cause—
Mad romps, then wild stunts, without pause.
Told her hair is rather bright (“Carrots!”
A name spread by kids, quite parrots)
What should she do with insults said
But break her slate on Gilbert’s head?
Maybe she should dye her hair—green!
No, black of course, though it would seem
Quite coppery; just look away.
If Marilla be gone for the day,
Diana might well come over:
Some cordial with that turnover?

The world, robbed of such escapades
Could find its boredom by the spades;
As it is, beautiful and free,
Those kindred to Anne with an E
Can whisper to it, with all that’s true,
“I’m glad to be alive in you.”

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