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Peter Pan Culminating Activity

Peter Pan Culminating Activity

Written By: Mary Kjendal

Grade: 5th Grade

Teacher: Presbytera Maria

Class: Liberal Arts Level 4.2


My name is Wendy, and I originally came from London. I met Peter Pan when he flew into my nursery looking for his shadow. What a silly boy, trying to stick it on with soap! I then sewed the shadow on for him, and he flew off to Neverland with John, Michael, and me in tow.

When I explain my relationship with Peter, I wish I could say it was more than a mother/son relationship. I have hinted at what I do want him to be to me, but some of Peter’s faults are his cockiness, his bad memory, and his inability to take hints. [sigh] Still, you can hardly blame him, as he has never had any respectable or knowledgeable companions.

Neverland is a rather small island, with various points and indents on the shoreline. Now I will take you on a tour of Neverland following the Never-ending Neverland trail. A few words about that before we start: this trail is the one used by the Lost Boys, Pirates, Redskins, and beasts when they all follow each other in a circle. In fact, just before Peter brought me and my brothers here for the first time, all of the parties above were on that trail; the Lost Boys were out looking for Peter, the Pirates were searching for the Lost Boys, the Redskins were hunting the Pirates, and the beasts were following the Redskins.

Say we fly to the tip of land bordering Kidd’s Creek. We follow the twisting, turning creek until we pass several trees, and then we venture upon the path right next to the first house built for me after I had been shot down by an arrow. We go west, and we pass the House[s] Underground, where Peter, the Lost Boys, and I spend most of our nights. What a wonderful house for a wonderful mother and her “children!” Actually, right now we even have the pleasure of seeing smoke rising from the chimneys. [I hope Tootles didn’t set the house alight!]

We go on, passing long grass on our right, and then we see the Picaninnie , or Redskin camp. Say, I do believe that that is Tiger Lily, herself, bringing her basket in from their garden! [She is the one who tried to “steal” Peter from me. The audacity!]

When we continue on the trail, we see the White Men Stockade a little while away on a hill. It has a small stream running at the base of the hill, which, of course, is a necessity. I am disappointed to say, though, that the stockade itself was hastily built, which urges me to add, “Haste makes Waste!” Also, around half of the hill is long grass, through which the Redskins repeatedly sneak upon the Pirates. As we go on quite a bit further, we come to Mermaid’s Lagoon, forever an enchanting and mystifying place. In it is Marooner’s Rock, a rock that disappears under the water when the tide rises. I have had many adventures in Mermaid’s Lagoon, but the most prominent is the one that follows:

Smee and Starkey, two of Captain Hook’s pirates, were sent to place Tiger Lily, all tied up, on Marooner’s Rock to drown. Peter, the Lost Boys, and I watched from a distance, and before the pirates left, Peter impersonated Captain Hook’s voice and told Smee and Starkey to free Tiger Lily. This they did, and she swam to

Mary Kjendal Wednesday, February 6, 2019

safety. Naturally, when Hook arrived, he was boiling mad. Hook used trickery to entice Peter into revealing that Peter, himself, had orchestrated Tiger Lily’s release. A fight ensued, in which the Lost Boys also took part. That, though, is a story for another day, and I must finish the tour which I have started.

As we mosey along the trail under the shade of a number of trees, I see all but one of you yawning and nodding off. That is you, yes, you that is still awake! But now it is time for you, too, to fly back to your bed and wake up. Then, if you tell your mother or father of your adventures here, all they will say is, “Surely, you were just dreaming!”

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