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May Nature Observation

May Nature Observation

Written By: Stefanie Milak

Grade: 6th Grade

Teacher: Presbytera Maria

Class: Liberal Arts Level 4

Issue: Set to Appear in the May Issue of the Newsletter


I like to think of April as the month where everything comes to life! April is the time where we remember Christ dying, and rising from the dead on Great and Holy Pascha! Christ comes to life, just like all of the beautiful flowers and other parts of nature.

April has been all over the place! It was cold, then nice,and then cold again! It was nice on Holy Friday, but then on Holy Saturday, it started snowing! But nevertheless, we went to church to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead! It got warmer Sunday morning,and we celebrated Pascha by spending time with friends and family-and eating meat and dairy!

There have been so many wonderful things in April. Christ rising from the dead, flowers blooming, trees growing,and lots more. The grass turned from brown to green! The daffodils are blooming! The trees have little flower buds, and the bushes have small berries! I can’t wait until Summer!

Christ is Risen!

Truly he is risen!


April has come

But it will soon go away

The rain has come

And it’s a lot-so don’t say yay

But then it was warm

Like a nice summer day

There is no swarm

Of bees…Hooray!

It was so nice…..

But then it snowed!

And turned into ice!

But nevertheless our candles glowed

On Great and Holy Pascha!

Jesus rose from the dead

And is now alive

Like all of the plants and nature

Christ is Risen!


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