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St. Nicholas and His Music

Set to Appear in the Special Christmas Edition of the Newsletter...

A Flashback in Orthodox History, Monthly Newsletters

The Other Christmas Carols

The Other Christmas Carols Exploring the hymnography of the Nativity Fast By Aidan Wilson   It is now November, which means many things: the weather cools, the leaves change colors, and the days continue shortening. In addition, many people begin their preparations for Christmas. Lights are hung, trees are bought, and the radio stations begin… Continue reading The Other Christmas Carols

A Flashback in Orthodox History, Monthly Newsletters

Saint Romanos: His Life

Saint Romanos the Melodist, commemorated on October 1st in the holy Orthodox Church, was a fifth-century hymnographer who wrote some of the most well-known hymns in Orthodox worship. Before he was given the musical gifts for which he in known to this day, he was a rather untalented chanter, even drawing ridicule from the clergy at his church...