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September Nature Observation

September Nature Observation By Alex Timm Grade: 7th Grade Class: Level 5 Instructor: Pres. Maria Koulianos   It is starting to get cold and there is lots of rain, at least here. It’s cold enough to make you shiver. It is best to take a jacket wherever you go. So much rain has fallen over the… Continue reading September Nature Observation

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Through the Monocle: A Short Story

Although the old wives of Sleepy Hollow were usually right about everything, they differed from fact in the matter of Ichabod Crane. Ichabod had indeed gone on to be a justice of the Ten Pound Court and was living a contented life away from any sort of ghosts or enchantments. Even his A History of Witchcraft, a New England Almanac was burned, and he had vowed to have no dealings with the magical sort ever again.