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The Sin of Pride

Through Virgil, in Cantos XVI-XVIII, the author Dante reasons that sin is the equivalent of love misdirected into the seven areas represented by Purgatory: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust...

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The Process of Repentance

The Process of Repentance Written By: Bobby Hershey Grade: 9th Grade Teacher: Fr. Noah Bushelli Class: Catechism Level Vl Issue: Set to Appear in the March Issue of the Newsletter In the Orthodox church, the way to repent sins is to go to confession. The process of repentance is difficult, but taking it one step… Continue reading The Process of Repentance

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The Town of Sandwich: A Play

The Town of Sandwich: A Play Written By: Erika Kjendal Grade: 8th Grade Teacher: Presbytera Maria Class: Liberal Arts Level 5.1   THE TOWN OF SANDWICH ____________________ A Play in One Act by Erika Kjendal   Cast of Characters Stage Manager: Man in his 40’s; Miss Elaine: Woman in her 60’s, loves her dog; Mr.… Continue reading The Town of Sandwich: A Play

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Boethius Letter

Boethius Letter Written By: Sarah Spivey Grade: 12th Grade Teacher: Mr. Adam Lockridge Class: Medieval Literature, Level Vll   Dear Crying Girl,   Boethius, under siege of his false beliefs, noted that, “In all adversity of fortune, the most wretched kind is once to have been happy.” You suffer under a similar trial of errors,… Continue reading Boethius Letter